Most Popular Application, WeChat: New Version 4.3

The new version of WeChat offers new features that are fun and increase interactions between users making the transfer of content easier from your personal computer to WeChat application, from Facebook to WeChat.

Web Grab, making easier transfers of files to WeChat

If you download a plug-in prepared by WeChat, this new feature allows you to pull images straight from your computer Internet browser to your smartphone.

Connecting “Moments” images to US social networks, Twitter and Facebook

Now you can share your “Moments” photos on Twitter. Also you are able to download your Facebook pictures to WeChat “Moments”.

Adding Facebook Pictures

Adding customization to information flow

Favorite conversations can be on top of the chat list. To do so, you can switch on   the “Always on Top” feature.

Getting favorite conversations on top of the chat list

All images of a unique conversation can be viewed.

You can decide the status of your photos between “private” and “public”.

“Moments” from the contacts you want can be hidden.

Other great features are expected later.

worldmap weixin sept 2012


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