User Base Growth: WeChat doing better than Facebook!

When we decided to compare WeChat with Facebook, we believed, no other service could beat Facebook.

WeChat will not beat Facebook reach because the service will not be used on personal computer: the usage is, first, on smartphones, second, on tablets.

However, WeChat growth is 20 times stronger than Facebook. 24 months after the launch, Facebook had 9 million users while WeChat has 180 million user (estimate from VALUE2020 Consulting firm).

wechat growth compared to FB months after launch

The limits on expanding the user base are the need for an advanced technology (smartphone or tablet): in India, many people don’t hold the right device to use the service. According to VALUE2020, India represents the largest user base of WeChat abroad. The team of WeChat India is very active with its local partners in organizing games, giving away gifts against traffic increase and user growth.

wechat userbase FB

Top 10 Countries (estimates – real figures not disclosed by Tencent)

1/ China
(over 90%)

2/ India
(local partners: Ibibo, Fox Star Studios)

3/ Malaysia

4/ Indonesia
(other chat app called Qute still updated in 2012)

5/ Vietnam

6/ Thailand
(local partners: Sanook Online & Exact)

7/ Hong-Kong 
(local partners: Maxus Communicationsk, Harbor City mall, JCDecaux)

8/ Singapore

9/ Taiwan

10/ The United States

See the First Worldmap of WeChat User Base according to VALUE2020

worldmap weixin 2012

Egyptian users like the app as well. British & American ad agencies are closely looking at this new marketing tool.

If you have any accurate data to improve this raking, your comments are welcome. Follow us on @value2020 and ask us to follow you back, then you will be able to send us a direct message.

The last version of WeChat was released in September 2012. We predict an update to come soon! 


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