Having Fun with WeChat! Current features explained

This post is an additional focus to a previous post on the Chinese application WeChat.

The “Look Around” feature shows all the people or businesses that are close to you, those people are ranked according to the shortest distances from the user. This localization service is also free.

“Shake” your phone to search for people nearby is a feature offered by WeChat. This makes adding each other contacts much more easy and funny (phone on the right of the illustration).

The “Drift Bottle” consists on writing a message or talk, then put the message in a virtual bottle, and finally, throw it to the virtual sea. Soon or later a random person will take the bottle with your message: the user can decide to reply to you or add you in her/his contact list (phone on the center of the illustration).

Another WeChat application called “WeChat Fun” consists in recording short voice message and change the style of the voice for fun: toilet, rap, ET… New versions include more choice. You can add this application to WeChat.

Fun with WeChat

After the launch of a new version, we can expect more in the months to come Tencent will accelerate global expansion and monetization of the service through virtual goods, micro payments, and marketing campaigns (using among other elements the customized QR code).


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