Internet of Things in China

The topic of the event called LeWeb12 organized by Loic LeMeur, Internet entrepreneur, is the Internet of Things. Loic living in the USA, we are sure to see great innovations from the USA. Japan is very advanced, South Korea doing good. What about China? Maybe some of the IoT innovations might come from China, and play a part in a global expansion.

IoT    Source CEcn

IoT Source CEcn

Yes, China is a country of innovation. Believe it or not, the strategy of the State of China is trying to lead the movement of Internet of Things (IoT). In the 12th plan (2011-2015) managed by NDRC, IoT or 物联网 is one of the seven Strategic Emerging Industries with 5 Billion RMB of government funding or subsidies allocated during the next five years. Several local governments have also allocated significant funds to build “Smart Cities” as a means to start the market.

Several provinces took the opportunity to develop IoT in their areas like Chengdu, Sichuan. One of the other laboratories of Chinese IoT is located in WuXi 无锡, Jiangsu. The city of Wuxi, land of rice and fish, is found between Shanghai 上海 and Nanjing 南京. An area of 23 km2 is exclusively dedicated to IoT.

Park in Wuxi dedicated to IoT

Park in Wuxi dedicated to IoT

Premier Wen Jaibao visited the city in 2009 helping media coverage in China. Since year 2010, the city has been organizing one of the biggest annual event on Internet of Things. Telecom companies like China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom joined research centers on IoT in order to lead the Internet of Things technology innovation, industry innovation, and implement demonstration, and international communication. However, operators are not the core of the business model on the Internet of Things.

Agreements with corporation and research centers on IoT

Agreements with corporation and research centers on IoT

To give things a digital presence, we started to use sensors. WSB is now well known in the world of IoT in China. Now we see other innovations on IoT. For example, Haier exhibited a few months ago a smart fridge. Jingpeng, a company developing innovative technology for agriculture, uses IoT technology to indoor planting (controlling lighting, temperature, CO2 density, humidity). This technique benefits to offline companies like Jinpeng rose Co, Ltd.

Wuxi park and its people will have to work hard in order to lead the industry. Strategic partnerships are key moves for China in order to establish international standards. Focused on national agreements and some agreements with US companies (Intel, IBM…), the industry in China lacks this type of agreements . Even growing fast, we can say that the IoT industry in China is still in its primary stage. Chinese companies will have to compete against Cisco, HP, GE, Google (e.g. smart cars), IBM, LG, Samsung, and many other international players.


Internet of Things= objects connected to the Internet merging wireless sensors, cloud computing with radio-frequency identification, and other forms of embedded intelligence to develop the next generation of networked “smart” things which become able to “talk”.


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