WeChat, a New Type of Mobile Social Media

The application created by Tencent enables customized social interactivity between users and a brand. WeChat called Wēixìn 微信 in China is a new type of social network.

The application is very convenient because there are many uses adapting the different needs of the user.

Easy to connect to other people

The user can connect all its phone directory to the application and its Facebook account what is very powerful.

The ID, phone number, and QR code, are other ways to connect with another phone.

QR Code Brand Account

Share content with the friends or fans you want

With the “Moments” feature (please see illustration below), the user shares pictures with her/his contacts. This timeline is a good way to know what your friends are doing. You always have the option to manage each contact (block, see, star…). A brand is able to use all those features to speak to fans.

Have fun with other people!

You can also through a bottle with your personalized message inside or look for a bottle to pick. You can add other applications like WeChat Voice

SO trois iphone

MO trois iphone

A powerful service for brands

WeChat users are likely to be able to buy things from the WeChat app.

The Internet Strategy is still the same strategy: expand the user base first. Second, monetize.

Zhang Xiaolong: “Form over function, when form is fun.”

Zhang Xiaolong developed the product for Tencent. His philosophy for product development is simplicity of use and fun experience for the user: “Internet products need to go beyond satisfying user need: they need to satisfy user desire.”

Read more about WeChat Social Network and differences with Facebook here.


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