First World Map of WeChat User Base!

WeChat is a multimedia chat app combined with a social network. Growth rate is higher than Facebook 24 months after launch. The service will be very powerful for brands: contrary to Weibo, it enables to build a one to one relationship.  Later and after additional developments, users and brands are likely to use the app for Location-Based Services.

Click on the map to enlarge

WeChat in the World by VALUE2020 - JAN2013

Without local marketing plans outside Asia, WeChat is spreading also on the other four continents.
1/ Europe: Spain & UK
2/ America: The United States, Mexico, Brazil & Argentina
3/ Africa: South Africa
4/ Australia

Tencent Strategy to expand outside China since 2010 is becoming a reality in 2013. We explained a few new features we expect from WeChat in 2013.


Click here for March Update


One response to “First World Map of WeChat User Base!

  1. Taken up after an interview by TechinAsia: “Here’s a Heatmap of WeChat Users Around the World”

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