Tencent Ready to Market WeChat, Mobile Social Media & Messaging App, in the United States

The United States, Next Step of Expansion

As explained for the development of the user base of  WeChat in India, Tencent, the largest social media company in China, will launch similar campaigns in the United States.

Local marketing actions will  be developed to expand the user base locally. In the coming year, WeChat should suggest to users location-based services according to where they are.

With over 300 million users, WeChat is growing faster than Facebook. Following the path of Huawei and the goals of Baidu, Tencent expands operations outside China: Chinese companies are gaining market share overseas. Hong-Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, and even Argentina & Turkey has been already launched!



WeChat Ready to Compete with Facebook Using American Social Media

What is interesting about the expansion of WeChat is the use of the tools of  the competition to expand the user base. In the United Sates, Facebook will be used to take user time to Facebook! The value is mobile commerce with many American and Chinese players as explained in a previous post.

The Twitter account of WeChat United States, @WeChatUS, is visible with  no tweets but already 7 followers including VALUE2020.


The Facebook page has been active since December 2012 with already 47 likes but with many more likes coming 😉


In the United Sates, WeChat will compete with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger between others.

WeChat has strong advantages in managing better privacy and being a private mobile social network.

Will WeChat monetize faster than Facebook and Linkedin? Their strategy is worth the analysis we made at VALUE2020.


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