Is WeChat Already a Worldwide Application? Not Yet

According to Tencent and TechinAsia, WeChat, a successful messaging and social application from China, has 40 million users living outside China.

Overseas Chinese are important because some of them of China birth or new expatriates are very likely to use WeChat. VALUE2020 estimates than almost 10 million users of WeChat outside China are of Chinese origins.


The other users who are not of Chinese origins are likely to be mainly located in Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Indonesia (some are contacts of overseas Chinese), and India (there you have less than 200,000 overseas Chinese). Tencent bets on India to get volume and an international audience.

In March, downloads in Canada were growing compared to the first world map of WeChat users. Usage is strong in China and Malaysia. Argentina, Mexico, and Spain were down compared to January.


Above: top views per country of a blog on WeChat as of March 31st, 2013


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