WeChat Strenghts: UI & UX

User Interface (UI): Easy to Use

The way the application is built makes clear to the user what functions can and cannot occur in each part of the app. The user is able also to provide feedback. Tencent is able as well to tell what users are doing and adapt to the behavior of users.

The design of the user interface is easy to understand with several short cuts like the menu on the chat screen. Users have a consistent set of expectations, and then WeChat team should meet those expectations through the application.

Today this is one of the strengths compared to competitors like Whatsapp and Viber that looks outdated compared to Asian app like WeChat, Line and Kakao Talk.

MO trois iphone

User Experience (UX): Satisfaction of users

The feedback on perceptions in using the application is, on average, very good. Some users from a test group in the United States, Spain, and France told us it is more fun than Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

The WeChat app is more than a messaging app. It is also a social network like Facebook growing faster than Facebook.

The timeline called Moments is very popular in China and Malaysia.

Users have mainly positive emotions and should help WeChat Strategy to grow outside China. Good overall user experience is critical for securing brand loyalty and enhancing the growth of user base. If the volume of users is large, the brands are likely to follow and pay for access and statistics.


We will see about how goes the long-term relation between user experience and product appreciation.

WeChat will have to continue with new innovations because users are very demanding. Moreover, Chinese users, specifically, are able to switch to another network in a few months. Kaixin was very popular in 2010 but Sina Weibo become more popular in 2011. In 2012, WeChat become very used in the richest cities of China. The user experience must be very dynamic as it will be constantly modified over time due to changing circumstances.



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