Messaging / Chat Applications: How Many Mobile Users?

Whatsapp is the most international free chat app with over 350 million users (monthly active users representing more than half of this figure). This application was the first messaging application on Quarter 1 of year 2013. Half the countries of Europe like Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Chile, and Israel are using Whatsapp before any other chat applications.

We know now why Google didn’t purchase Whatsapp: the firm of Moutain View released a standalone application of Google Hangouts a few weeks ago.

WeChat gathers about 350 million users mainly in China and a few million mostly in Malaysia, India, and the Philippines. Growth is strong thanks to fast adoption among users and heavy marketing efforts with the use of image of stars and TV commercials.

Facebook Messenger is used in many countries among them the United States and Argentina.

Skype mobile app is very successful in Bulgaria, and Russia. This is quite surprising that American users don’t use so much this Microsoft service as Russian users do.

Viber app has the lead in Egypt, Greece, Ireland.

Line with about 160 million is spreading in a few countries of Asia: Japan, the Home country, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Nimbuzz is successful mainly in India, Kakao Talk in the Home country of South Korea but also Indonesia.


Since our last review, Libon added voice message and picture sharing; Google released a standalone application of Hangouts; China Mobile launched a new chat mobile application called Jego.



2 responses to “Messaging / Chat Applications: How Many Mobile Users?

  1. Hi guys, great post. Would you happen to have that mobile user data publicly available somewhere and/or could you send it to me? I’m with a venture capital firm in the United States and am conducting Asia-specific market research for messaging apps. Thanks so much!

    • Good afternoon
      Thank you for your message.
      Figures we have internally (but not published to the audience) are coming from real data, communications, estimates from calculations including usage, penetration, downloads, volume of transactions and more.
      This kind of information is not free sorry.
      Good luck
      Best regards

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