E-Commerce – B2C – Strategy of Jingdong Mall (360buy)

Suning, Dangdang, Tencent (QQbuy) and Amazon China face tough competition from Jingdong Mall (also called JD and 360buy previously).

In 2012, the company reached sales of USD 9.7 billion. The goal for year 2013 is  USD 16 billion.

The current strategy of JD is to enhance the company’s business through e-commerce, logistical & technological platforms, and online finance. A partnership with a social network will be difficult: SinaWeibo is already the partner of TMall and WeChat is logically the future partner of QQBuy.


More about JD.com:

Jingdong is a leading integrated network of retail business. The seller is committed to providing high-quality suppliers and service platform for consumers providing rich quality products, convenient services and affordable prices.

JD creates trust by the majority of users using it. Trust is essential in mobile commerce.  Jingdong has millions of premium users, operating thousands of goods brands, more than 200 million daily visits. Jingdong website was more visited than TMall website in May 2013.

Jingdong self-built logistics system is strong consisting of seven large logistics centers, storage centers in 27 cities, nearly 1,000 distribution stations , 300 from mentioning dots, covering 1076 administrative districts. JD.com guarantees same day delivery with real-time item tracking on maps via mobile devices.


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