Innovation in China: a day of an urban Chinese executive Part 1

Li Wang is Director of sales for a German brand in the Guangzhou area. He is the father of one son and his wife is working in the banking industry.

Wang is awaken by his latest Samsung smartphone.
He uses Baidu to check the weather and a new application from Google Play for air conditions. The weather will be good but air conditions will not be excellent: no wind is expected and more and more cars are on the freeways and streets of the city. Selling cars is the business of Li Wang, therefore he will not complain about this trend.

He waits for the lift and watch the frame screen telling him to scan the QR code to get a discount today. He doesn’t have time but while in the lift sends a WeChat message to his wife. Now that their son is using an ipad at his private school, his wife has downloaded WeChat to be in contact with her son. Wang stops a taxi and asks for a ride to work.

Meanwhile he is in the car, he buys a concert ticket thanks to the screen aboard the car. He also see that there is a new game application that looks fun and could be of interest for his kid. He takes a picture and sends it to his son.

Wang arrived the new city center. He is working on floor #52. There is no waiting time for the lift because the building is brand new and well equiped with 10 lifts. On the way up, he sends a message to his wife about the concert and publish a comment to a friend on Sina Weibo: they are going!


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