Google and Facebook Accelerate Road to Mobile Commerce 1/2

The strategy of US firms is slightly different from Chinese firms. Their scales are bigger and moving slower but stronger than Chinese stakeholders.

In China, Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, found SinaWeibo has a partner taking shares into the social network. Tencent develops WeChat as a social power for purchasing on QQbuy and other partners websites.

In the USA, Google and Facebook are deploying their respective strategy.

Google integrates all of its products one unique service: for instance, social elements collected through actions and interactions are now seen in the gmail box (Social tab).



Today, Google+, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps between other services are free because the value is in the actions of the user who discloses what she/he is doing.

Google now is the service using those data and in the same time collecting new data.

Google Moto X is the device.

Google Android is the operating system.

And tomorrow you will drive your Google car with Google Maps listening Google Music and thinking what you will buy on Google store.


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