Yixin, New Entrant in Mobile Market

According to AppAnnie, the volume of downloads of Mobile app called Yixin is high in China:


China Telecom and NetEase established a joint venture to create the application called Yixin, with the former controlling 73% of the company. Email and cloud music services provided by NetEase are integrated in it.

Yixin has the same functions as current chat apps on the market (Line, WeChat).

China Telecom has used its position of Telecom provider to include some differentiating features into the app: Yixin supports sending voice messages to any mobile or fixed-line numbers for free: this is a strong competitive advantage against leading app called WeChat. This is useful for communicating with the older-generation who may not be as mobile-phone-savy.

Line and now WeChat offers stickers to buy inside the application. On Yixin, stickers are all free. This offering of free stickers is powerful in Asia where stickers are very popular. But how Yixin will monetize the application?


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