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Very Successful IPO of Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding Limited called BABA on Nasdaq is at $94.165, this means a growth of +38.48% in just a couple of hours !!


Alibaba & Big Data Services: Alimama

After doing financial services, insurance, now Alibaba decided to invest in big data services: Alimama is an Alibaba marketing platform. The firm held a meeting to discuss big data’s influence on marketing transformation.


Alimama wants to build a technology-driven big data marketing ecosystem, making more people to use and share data therefore achieving media advertising value and brand marketing effect.

The marketing system centered on DMP (Data Management Platform) will improve enterprises’ data usability more effectively. Precision marketing brought by big data would optimize media advertising value continuously.

In 2014, Alimama will focus on developing video and wireless resources, wireless marketing will be integrated into game, weather, food and drink and photo apps without interfering consumers. Alimama becomes a crucial link in Alibaba’s O2O wireless marketing plan.



etao, the other social discovery of Alibaba Group

Weibo is not the only social tool of e-commerce group Alibaba, they have also etao.

etao.com, Alibaba Group’s social shopping platform, is 58th website in China according to Alexa. It is a place dedicated to discovery through images.

Social shopping websites allow users to post photos of items on virtual pin boards, which others can comment on. Some sites allow users to purchase some of the items by clicking on the photos.

Unlike other U.S. social shopping websites like Pinterest, all the items on etao can be purchased through its two main e-commerce websites, Taobao Mall and Taobao Marketplace.


In China,  social shopping websites, such as Mogujie, LinkChic  have been launched but are not successful like etao. Meilishuo is doing better being ranked 220th website in China.

Over the long run, social commerce in China will be bigger than the United States.

We don’t know yet how successful the service will be on smartphones in the years to come. Chat app called Wemeet was launched by Sina to get more smartphone users in Alibaba world.

Alliance of Chinese Tech Giant with an Insurance Company

There is another change coming from Chinese Internet giants: Alibaba along with Tencent, another Chinese tech giant, and Ping An, one of the country’s largest insurance companes, has established a new online insurance company. The new company, in which Alibaba is the largest shareholder, is reportedly going to offer insurance policies tailored to the online economy, including virtual property and e-commerce. It will feature the combination of Alibaba and Tencent’s tech experience and marketing platform with Ping An’s expertise in structuring insurance packages.

This partnership illustrates how profoundly the Internet is changing established business practices in China and how powerful the country’s tech giants have become.









e-Commerce Firm + Social Media Firm = Gold or Why Alibaba strategy with SinaWeibo is right

Companies like Amazon and Alibaba don’t control all the steps of the consumer purchasing process. They will never do.

@value2020 American & Chinese eCommerce – October 2012 – https://value2020.wordpress.com/

@value2020 American & Chinese eCommerce – October 2012 – https://value2020.wordpress.com/

However, firms can influence the consumer behavior.

Where are people more personal on the Internet?

Mainly on social media.

After identifying a need, a consumer searches for information. External research is conducted when a person has not enough knowledge about a product or service, which then leads her/him to seek more information, especially when a person’s previous experience is limited or deemed inefficient.

We distinguished 3 types of sources:
-personal sources: e.g. word of mouth from colleagues, friends or family
-public sources: e.g. online forums, consumer reports
-marketer dominated sources: e.g. corporate and brand websites, sales persons, advertising

The Influence of Social Media

Social Media has a strong influence collecting and sharing tastes, interests, opinions on products and services. We already explained how important it was for firms like Facebook back in 2012. Social media gathers all types of sources the consumer needs.

If the e-Commerce firm is involved in a social media, the firm is more likely to influence the purchasing decision purchase and get the revenue from the consumer.

Why not a partnership Amazon-Facebook?
Why not a partnership 360buy-WeChat?

Alibaba’s Push into Financial Services to Grow and Make Easier Global Business

The evolution of China’s e-commerce market is very fast. Some of the changes have the potential to be transformational.

Back in 2009, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, introduced a service which provides loans to merchants who sell through the company’s web platform. The fundamental problem inspiring its creation was that some online merchants sufficient lack cash up front to buy the amount of inventory they hope sell on Alibaba.


As of September 2012, Alibaba, China’s most successful e-commerce company, had supported more than 15,000 of its merchants with an average of $7,400 distributed per loan. Alibaba’s lending is not restricted simply to its merchants. The company has also teamed up with major financial institutions, such as the China Construction Bank, to provide an array of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more generally. This operation, run through the Alibaba Group’s Alibaba Financial Company, is driven not simply by the e-commerce giant’s desire to increase transactions on its web platform, but rather by a general niche in the Chinese micro-finance market.

Mobile Strategy: Rising Alibaba and Google in China

We talked several times about Alibaba, Chinese e-Commerce Giant, competing with Chinese and American firms. Their accounts are not public because the firm is still private even though an IPO is coming (maybe Q4 2013).

They announced buying a stake into SinaWeibo (other previous investments in social services were Xiami and Momo)

The Wall Street Journal investigated on their mobile strategy:


Alibaba is looking for partners but objections of Google controlling Android. Handset makers would like to join Alibaba but doesn’t want to harm their existing relationship with Google.

The Economist talked also about the firm