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Very Successful IPO of Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding Limited called BABA on Nasdaq is at $94.165, this means a growth of +38.48% in just a couple of hours !!


Alliance of Chinese Tech Giant with an Insurance Company

There is another change coming from Chinese Internet giants: Alibaba along with Tencent, another Chinese tech giant, and Ping An, one of the country’s largest insurance companes, has established a new online insurance company. The new company, in which Alibaba is the largest shareholder, is reportedly going to offer insurance policies tailored to the online economy, including virtual property and e-commerce. It will feature the combination of Alibaba and Tencent’s tech experience and marketing platform with Ping An’s expertise in structuring insurance packages.

This partnership illustrates how profoundly the Internet is changing established business practices in China and how powerful the country’s tech giants have become.









Laiwang, New Chat Application by Alibaba

Laiwang is a new mobile application now launched and will compete with wechat, whatsapp, wemeet, line, twitter, sinaweibo, and facebook. It is very similar to WeChat.



EXCLUSIVE: Facebook & Twitter approved in China within Shanghai free-trade zone?

Facebook and Twitter have been banned in mainland China since 2009. Those American services influence people and could play important roles in political movements. In recent years, the government of China is concerned about the impact of new media on social stability.

New media like Facebook and Twitter but also US newspaper website of The New York Times are considered politically sensitive sites by the Chinese government.

Recently, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg met Cai Mingzhao, the head of the State Council Information Office in Beijing.

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Top Chinese leaders including Premier Li Keqiang are keen to make the free-trade zones a key proving ground for significant financial and economic reforms.

According to South China Morning Post, the government of China would have made the landmark decision to lift a ban on Internet access to American websites within the Shanghai Free-trade Zone. The reasons of the move would be explained by the willingness to let foreigners live, work and feel like at home but also attract more foreign investments.

The free-trade zone would also welcome bids from foreign telecommunications companies for licenses to provide Internet services within the new special economic zone.

As a reminder, end of August, the Chinese State Council, approved the launch of the free-trade zone in Shanghai, which spans 28.78 square kilometers in the city’s Pudong New Area, including the Waigaoqiao duty-free zone, Yangshan deepwater port, and the international airport area.

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A Facebook China Team Coming Soon?

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Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, was in Beijing yesterday. It is not the first time someone from Facebook is seen there since Mark Zuckerberg have been several times with his Chinese wife.

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. The change is the fact that Sheryl Sandberg met officially with Cai Mingzhao, the Director of SCIO, the regulator of Chinese Internet: see below a screenshot of the webpage.

Facebook in China would definitively change the industry of social media in the country. If Facebook enters the market, Renren, Qzone, WeChat, WeMeet would lose market share against Facebook. SinaWeibo shouldn’t be affected much.

The best interest of the Chinese administration is mainly the use of Facebook to advertise Chinese products and services all over the world while the best interest of Facebook is to get an easier access to Chinese users.

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Welcome Google Map into Your Business!

Google Map is starting to scan the inside part of businesses. The American firm is not only video recording / scanning vineyards at Bordeaux but also a few restaurants in Paris. You should now that the Google cultural institute is based in France 😉

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E-Commerce – B2C – Strategy of Jingdong Mall (360buy)

Suning, Dangdang, Tencent (QQbuy) and Amazon China face tough competition from Jingdong Mall (also called JD and 360buy previously).

In 2012, the company reached sales of USD 9.7 billion. The goal for year 2013 is  USD 16 billion.

The current strategy of JD is to enhance the company’s business through e-commerce, logistical & technological platforms, and online finance. A partnership with a social network will be difficult: SinaWeibo is already the partner of TMall and WeChat is logically the future partner of QQBuy.


More about JD.com:

Jingdong is a leading integrated network of retail business. The seller is committed to providing high-quality suppliers and service platform for consumers providing rich quality products, convenient services and affordable prices.

JD creates trust by the majority of users using it. Trust is essential in mobile commerce.  Jingdong has millions of premium users, operating thousands of goods brands, more than 200 million daily visits. Jingdong website was more visited than TMall website in May 2013.

Jingdong self-built logistics system is strong consisting of seven large logistics centers, storage centers in 27 cities, nearly 1,000 distribution stations , 300 from mentioning dots, covering 1076 administrative districts. JD.com guarantees same day delivery with real-time item tracking on maps via mobile devices.