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Alibaba & Big Data Services: Alimama

After doing financial services, insurance, now Alibaba decided to invest in big data services: Alimama is an Alibaba marketing platform. The firm held a meeting to discuss big data’s influence on marketing transformation.


Alimama wants to build a technology-driven big data marketing ecosystem, making more people to use and share data therefore achieving media advertising value and brand marketing effect.

The marketing system centered on DMP (Data Management Platform) will improve enterprises’ data usability more effectively. Precision marketing brought by big data would optimize media advertising value continuously.

In 2014, Alimama will focus on developing video and wireless resources, wireless marketing will be integrated into game, weather, food and drink and photo apps without interfering consumers. Alimama becomes a crucial link in Alibaba’s O2O wireless marketing plan.




Welcome Google Map into Your Business!

Google Map is starting to scan the inside part of businesses. The American firm is not only video recording / scanning vineyards at Bordeaux but also a few restaurants in Paris. You should now that the Google cultural institute is based in France 😉

essai boule à lignes

Future of Facebook: Emerging Markets are Key!

essai boule à lignes


You can see that the number of users of Brazil+India+Indonesia > users of the United States of America


Insights on Marketing with Mobile App WeChat: FREE version!


Report to be released July 1st, 2013

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Working with WeChat, One to One Communication Tool

To start, click on the picture below:


Potential CRM database for brands

e-Payment and e-Commerce tool

Still an unanswered question: how does Tencent manage the database?

More about Marketing potential of WeChat

Top 10 Most Valuable Social Media Brands in the World 2013: three of them are Chinese

QZone, second largest social network in the world (ranked according to userbase), is #4 brand.

Famous American brands are at the top 3: #1 Facebook with $34 billion,  #2 Youtube with $27 B , #3 Twitter with $24 B.


Next brand in the list could surprise some people. With $10 billion, it is not SinaWeibo but TencentWeibo.


Next year we can expect the brand “WeChat” to enter the top 30 most valuable brands

Read on more on top Chinese social media sharing activity

Source: Manuel P.Nappo, Anna Jakrlin, HWZ,  URL: http://www.fh-hwz.ch/display.cfm/id/101937/disp_type/display/filename/The%20Most%20Valuable%20Social%20Media%20Brands%202013.pdf


Why Samsung Should Accelerate and Offer More Internet Services to its Users

Samsung is in a comfortable situation with a continuous growth. The only dependence right now is from Google using Android Operating System on its smartphone.

The Galaxy S4 device is likely to gain  market share very quickly after its launch. Samsung is doing very well on devices and is in a good position to diversify taking advantage of its position. The huge marketing efforts should include new elements and be rewarded in the years to come. Samsung cannot be compared to other companies in the world. However, the firm should avoid the mistakes of the strategy chosen by HTC.

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Samsung should accelerate and offer more Internet services to its users. In order to start this agenda, Samsung has to build alliances and sign with other potential foreign partners in the Internet world. Partners can be either Chinese or American. However, the choice of an Internet firm from China could be more interesting for Samsung for several reasons we can explain.

Samsung is able to become an access to mobile commerce and not only a provider of smart devices. Preloaded applications or more sophisticated solutions should be prepared. This strategy is complex but with the right plan could succeed. However, Samsung should do so now before it is too late because the barriers to entry are increasing with the fierce competition in the Internet business. Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, Tencent are very active and building barriers…

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