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Alibaba & Big Data Services: Alimama

After doing financial services, insurance, now Alibaba decided to invest in big data services: Alimama is an Alibaba marketing platform. The firm held a meeting to discuss big data’s influence on marketing transformation.


Alimama wants to build a technology-driven big data marketing ecosystem, making more people to use and share data therefore achieving media advertising value and brand marketing effect.

The marketing system centered on DMP (Data Management Platform) will improve enterprises’ data usability more effectively. Precision marketing brought by big data would optimize media advertising value continuously.

In 2014, Alimama will focus on developing video and wireless resources, wireless marketing will be integrated into game, weather, food and drink and photo apps without interfering consumers. Alimama becomes a crucial link in Alibaba’s O2O wireless marketing plan.




Qihoo Has Plans to Develop Overseas

Qihoo, first Internet security firm in China, is an alternative to online search in China. With the arrival of Qihoo in the search market, Baidu lost a few points of market share.

Strategy and Business Models

The firm is explaining its strategy to become a major Internet player, an alternative to Tencent and Baidu. The company is following three steps, the first one being Internet security. The second step is now in 2013 with search and browser services. The goal is to build a large user base. Maybe the third step will begin in 2014 with Qihoo able to introduce and recommend third-party applications and services to its existing user base.

International Strategy

Like Baidu and Tencent, Qihoo should find local partners in new markets to reduce risks of going to unknown markets. According to VALUE2020, Brazil, India, Indonesia are likely to be targeted by Qihoo.


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URL: http://thenextweb.com/asia/2013/04/23/chinese-internet-giant-qihoo-360s-three-fold-plan-to-challenge-tencent-and-baidu-interview/