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2014: the Year of Monetization for WeChat

The VALUE2020 predicts that year 2014 will be the Year of Monetization for Chinese mobile application WeChat.

In addition to exclusive sales on WeChat like the operation for Xiaomi smartphones, WeChat added in 2013 a store to buy stickers, and above a payment system which open the door to mobile commerce as expected by VALUE2020 back in 2011.

Last year, we predicted the introduction of mobile payment and continuous growth. Almost all the predictions are reality today and next year will be fascinating as well.

What to expect in 2014:

  • Development of micro-payments, Tencent great strength
  • Additional applications within the WeChat app
  • Partnerships with big names (We cannot talk today ;-))

Why Samsung Should Accelerate and Offer More Internet Services to its Users

Samsung is in a comfortable situation with a continuous growth. The only dependence right now is from Google using Android Operating System on its smartphone.

The Galaxy S4 device is likely to gain  market share very quickly after its launch. Samsung is doing very well on devices and is in a good position to diversify taking advantage of its position. The huge marketing efforts should include new elements and be rewarded in the years to come. Samsung cannot be compared to other companies in the world. However, the firm should avoid the mistakes of the strategy chosen by HTC.

Expertise of VALUE2020 in strategy offers all the strategies who fit your business. Usually after the right analysis, we find only a couple of good strategies for your unique business.

Samsung should accelerate and offer more Internet services to its users. In order to start this agenda, Samsung has to build alliances and sign with other potential foreign partners in the Internet world. Partners can be either Chinese or American. However, the choice of an Internet firm from China could be more interesting for Samsung for several reasons we can explain.

Samsung is able to become an access to mobile commerce and not only a provider of smart devices. Preloaded applications or more sophisticated solutions should be prepared. This strategy is complex but with the right plan could succeed. However, Samsung should do so now before it is too late because the barriers to entry are increasing with the fierce competition in the Internet business. Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, Tencent are very active and building barriers…

Details of this strategy offline

Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into WeChat Followers – Part 3

5/ Offer customized coupons on WeChat and tell your Facebook fans

6/ Tell your Facebook fans WeChat is more private than Facebook

QR Code Brand Account

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Adding value to your application: WeChat Open Platform is your new opportunity!

Message from WeChat to developpers:

“Leverage WeChat’s sophisticated mobile communication platform and 175 million users worldwide to add value to your app and help it grow…for free! Integrate the WeChat Open Platform into your app today and start seeing the benefits right away.”

Now the WeChat user base is over 250 million users!

wechatdeveloppers for app

The strategy of Tencent to expand abroad is up. Almost all the necessary elements are ready for global growth.

sharing content webapp coming soon

Even documentation for Web Apps is planned…

sharing content via moments

Developments suggested by the firm…

sharing content via wechat

Nielsen 2012 Social Media Report: Asia-Pacific first in Smartphone Usage

According to Nielsen, 47% of Asia-Pacific users are  interacting with social media while watching TV.

TV & Social Media 2012

TV & Social Media 2012

Asia-Pacific users and mainly Chinese users are often using different devices to access social media. They are very well connected using smartphones and tablets: 59 for Asia-Pacific against 33 for Europe.

Access to Social Media per device - 2012

Access to Social Media per device – 2012

Source: http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/social/2012/