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Facebook is Getting Users but also New Data

With the deal, Facebook enlarge its user base in countries in many countries and particularly in Brazil and India where Whatsapp is very strong. Owning the messaging service will give Facebook access to additional data.

Facebook Users & New Users from Emerging Markets

Facebook will get more information & data on users in emerging markets thanks to the acquisition: Whatsapp is more popular than Facebook in Brazil, India & Mexico.

With the acquisition, Facebook aims for better engagement with users, in particular in emerging markets. If Facebook succeeds in maintaining and building high user engagement with WhatsApp, it could drive those users to Facebook where they will see ads, potentially targeted with data enriched by WhatsApp use.

Whatsapp Privacy Protection & No Advertising Policy

In a June 2012 blog post, Jan Koum explained why the messaging service doesn’t sell ads. “Your data isn’t even in the picture. We are simply not interested in any of it,” & “Remember, when advertising is involved you the user are the product.”

The privacy policy says the app doesn’t gather names, addresses, emails or location data, and the only contact information obtained from users’ mobile contact lists are contact numbers. The service also purges message content. “The contents of messages that have been delivered by the WhatsApp Service are not copied, kept or archived by WhatsApp in the normal course of business,” states the policy.

For now, WhatsApp promises the service will remain free of advertising. In a February 2014 blog post, the firm reaffirmed its policy: “And you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication”.

However, WhatsApp’s terms of service in the Android ecosystem requires users to approve access to lots of other types of information including geographic location, contacts stored on the phone, personal profile data from contact information, and device ID. Apple iOS users are asked to approve collection of contacts and allow push notifications such as alerts.

Data in general was not really WhatsApp’s focus but this could change…

Sharing data with Facebook

Facebook’s revenue streams, in part, depends on the massive storehouse of data it harvests on its users around the globe. Therefore, Facebook could decide to alter Whatsapp privacy policy or establish data collection permissions to facilitate sharing of user data with Facebook.

The main piece of data WhatsApp needs to enable its service is a mobile phone number. Facebook can use this piece of data for its services like Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Facebook may be interested in determining degrees of closeness among people. Many people have submitted their mobile phone numbers to Facebook and the firm could connect that information to data from WhatsApp to learn more about which users interact more often with one another based on how frequently they are in contact on WhatsApp.


The price of acquisition of Whatsapp is justified by the will of Facebook to keep the lead in global social network. For sure, Whatsapp has to improve the service to make it more social because the competition is strong. WeChat & Line are successful in Asia. Telegram has been strongly downloaded even more since the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook. Whatsapp could decide to do money transferring and electronic payment and the app would be competing succesfully with WeChat (微信 in Chinese)


The coming months should be very interesting.


Messaging App: The War for Users on Mobile Goes On!

We explained the competitive environment of messaging applications: Line, Viber, Skype, Kakao Talk, Whatsapp, WeChat, Libon, Facebook Messenger

Below is the current trend, Whatsapp loosing dominance mainly due to WeChat. The Chinese application could take time away from Facebook as well.



We explained back in 2012 that Chinese expansion was a beginning. WeChat is first Chinese mobile application with international success.



More about the split China-the USA with e-commerce

Latest Data: WeChat to Reach 400 million users in June 2013 as forecasted

WeChat, the messaging and social app made by Tencent, is expanding strongly abroad. According to our latest data, this phenomenon will make the application to reach 400 million a dozen days before our forecast.

According to the feedback of users, the application is very easy to use and fun. Only 6% of our sample of international users where aware the application is Chinese. Telling them the Chinese origins, about half of the users are surprised and tell us it is hard to believe. It appears the application is changing the state of mind of people outside China. Yes, China is a country of innovation, more than ever!

wechat userbase FB-400m

User Time on Chinese Social Media: Increase Benefits mainly to WeChat – SinaWeibo is very strong as well

WeChat and Sina Weibo are strong on mobile devices.

According to the data of iUserTracker, a user online behavior measurement system launched by iResearch, the monthly using duration of WeChat app attained 260 million hours and Weibo reached 130 million hours in February 2013.

WeChat and Weibo possessed absolute advantages than other mobile social apps because the both meet the users’ basic social demands of communicating, sharing and getting information.

Many other Chinese social apps exist but it is very difficult for them to take user time. We will see whether Jego, the new communication app from China Mobile could succeed or not…


Source: URL: http://www.iresearchchina.com/UpLoad/Pic/20135/1418212013514184721121.jpg

Facebook Home, an Interesting Mobile Strategy to Respond to WeChat

Facebook Home is a quick response to the growth of chat app including the successful WeChat app.


WeChat app is not only a messaging /chat mobile app but also a private social network. This network has over 300 million users and growing faster than Facebook. Here is a heatmap, the first one in the world published by TechinAsia back in January 2013.

User Guide of WeChat

Much more here

Tencent Ready to Market WeChat, Mobile Social Media & Messaging App, in the United States

The United States, Next Step of Expansion

As explained for the development of the user base of  WeChat in India, Tencent, the largest social media company in China, will launch similar campaigns in the United States.

Local marketing actions will  be developed to expand the user base locally. In the coming year, WeChat should suggest to users location-based services according to where they are.

With over 300 million users, WeChat is growing faster than Facebook. Following the path of Huawei and the goals of Baidu, Tencent expands operations outside China: Chinese companies are gaining market share overseas. Hong-Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, and even Argentina & Turkey has been already launched!



WeChat Ready to Compete with Facebook Using American Social Media

What is interesting about the expansion of WeChat is the use of the tools of  the competition to expand the user base. In the United Sates, Facebook will be used to take user time to Facebook! The value is mobile commerce with many American and Chinese players as explained in a previous post.

The Twitter account of WeChat United States, @WeChatUS, is visible with  no tweets but already 7 followers including VALUE2020.


The Facebook page has been active since December 2012 with already 47 likes but with many more likes coming 😉


In the United Sates, WeChat will compete with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger between others.

WeChat has strong advantages in managing better privacy and being a private mobile social network.

Will WeChat monetize faster than Facebook and Linkedin? Their strategy is worth the analysis we made at VALUE2020.