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Alibaba’s Push into Financial Services to Grow and Make Easier Global Business

The evolution of China’s e-commerce market is very fast. Some of the changes have the potential to be transformational.

Back in 2009, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, introduced a service which provides loans to merchants who sell through the company’s web platform. The fundamental problem inspiring its creation was that some online merchants sufficient lack cash up front to buy the amount of inventory they hope sell on Alibaba.


As of September 2012, Alibaba, China’s most successful e-commerce company, had supported more than 15,000 of its merchants with an average of $7,400 distributed per loan. Alibaba’s lending is not restricted simply to its merchants. The company has also teamed up with major financial institutions, such as the China Construction Bank, to provide an array of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more generally. This operation, run through the Alibaba Group’s Alibaba Financial Company, is driven not simply by the e-commerce giant’s desire to increase transactions on its web platform, but rather by a general niche in the Chinese micro-finance market.

Whatsapp, Next Acquisition of Google? Maybe not…

In our review of competitors of WeChat, we explained how successful Whatsapp was and the fact Google should advance their messaging solutions.

Today, with Facebook Messenger and Skype, Whatsapp is the most international messaging application. Line, Kakao Talk and WeChat have still a majority of local users (more or less 85% for WeChat).

With Facebook Home, Facebook is also very focused on offering the best experience they can on mobiles, the main access to the Internet. Google cannot afford to wait too long.

Several Chat Applications

Several Chat Applications

We believe Google doesn’t have to purchase Whatsapp but for sure Google must have a better mobile strategy in order to dominate the world of data.


Pinterest, Instagram, and much more in one application?

You like Pinterest. You are an Instagram fan.
Pinterest + Path + Instagram = ?

Next part of the story to come.

Pinterest + Path + Instagram = ?


You should become a new user of a Chinese application…

Most Popular Application, WeChat: New Version 4.3

The new version of WeChat offers new features that are fun and increase interactions between users making the transfer of content easier from your personal computer to WeChat application, from Facebook to WeChat.

Web Grab, making easier transfers of files to WeChat

If you download a plug-in prepared by WeChat, this new feature allows you to pull images straight from your computer Internet browser to your smartphone.

Connecting “Moments” images to US social networks, Twitter and Facebook

Now you can share your “Moments” photos on Twitter. Also you are able to download your Facebook pictures to WeChat “Moments”.

Adding Facebook Pictures

Adding customization to information flow

Favorite conversations can be on top of the chat list. To do so, you can switch on   the “Always on Top” feature.

Getting favorite conversations on top of the chat list

All images of a unique conversation can be viewed.

You can decide the status of your photos between “private” and “public”.

“Moments” from the contacts you want can be hidden.

Other great features are expected later.

worldmap weixin sept 2012

July 2012: Tencent and Sina leading social sharing in China

Tencent with QZone and Tencent Weibo is still leading. Sina Corporation with SinaWeibo is just behind. Baidu is behind and not anymore in the top 10.

Compared to other countries of the world, Facebook & Google Plus don’t hold a significant share of the market.


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