Monthly Archives: May 2007

Why Twitter should become a strong access to mobile commerce

In the United States, there is a new social network called Twitter which is quite different from Facebook and MySpace. This platform enables the user to post instantly short messages of no more than 140 characters. Like Facebook, you can connect for free with anyone who is already on the network.


Under the condition the user base grow strongly in the near future, Twitter could become another powerful tool for brands. Like websites and blogs, private firms have access to Twitter and can use it to promote their companies, products and services.

With the Internet, data is gold. With words you have information about the user. From that information, you can customize the timeline of the user to fit its interests. Doing that, the user will be at ease and quite ready to buy something she/he likes in the case you suggest the product or service at the right time.

Today most users access Twitter from a computer but more and more people have smartphones and the Internet business will be in movements! Therefore , geolocation will add powerful data to the database fitting the interests of both the brands and the users.