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Very Successful IPO of Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding Limited called BABA on Nasdaq is at $94.165, this means a growth of +38.48% in just a couple of hours !!


Internet Strategy: Google and Facebook Collecting Interests

In the same time, Google communicates on its new music service and Facebook communicates on organized rating going further than just liking what friends are sharing.

Facebook doing a step toward e-commerce


Google covering all the area of worldwide information


The Value is not on accumulating data but in qualifying data

We already explained several times that value creation for an Internet company is in data. In the open world of today, data is money but qualified data is gold.

We explained a year ago that the monetization of Facebook would be by expanding and using the data the firm collects pressing interests and preferences.

Strategy to Gain Users on Smartphones: the Battle is On Going!

As WeChat will offer more to users in the months to come, competition is  fierce and enlarging. Last year, we already talked about Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, and KakaoTalk.

In April Facebook Home was launched to keep users on Facebook and have them spending the same time on the social network.

Orange launched a better version of its app called Libon: now you can share pictures, and send voice messages.

renren app

RenRen is a Chinese social network similar to Facebook but declining: see the social sharing ranking of February 2013. The firm also launched Tongxueshuo, a  messaging app competing with WeChat but not targetting exactly the same people. WeChat is the best messaging app today and also a great marketing tool.


China’s Poorest and Most Remote Provinces Growing Faster than The East Coast

The large country called China facing a huge population to manage, pollution  and many other issues is obtaining a success with strong economic growths in continental provinces, the poorest provinces of China.

The goal of China in getting “Harmony” is a little bit true with a better balance between the East and the West of China. On average, less people are poor today than yesterday.

Since 2010, the economy of Chongqing has been growing very fast.




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