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Application “WeChat Voice”, Version 1.6

The new version includes new types of voices and sharing to other social networks like Twitter and SinaWeibo. We already talked about Version 1.2 of WeChat Voice a few months ago.

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Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into WeChat Followers – Part 3

5/ Offer customized coupons on WeChat and tell your Facebook fans

6/ Tell your Facebook fans WeChat is more private than Facebook

QR Code Brand Account

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Google First and Baidu Second in the World of Search (Dec. 2012)

According to ComScore and The Wall Street Journal, Google is still the leader of Search in the world: no threat for Google as of today. With 65.2% of market share, Google dominates the market.

world market share december 2012

In the second position of the ranking, you have Baidu still number two since a couple of years. According to ComScore, the market share of Baidu in December 2012 was 8.2%.

Yahoo was second in search in 2007 (1) but was overtaken by Baidu. The firm had a market share of 4.9% the last month of year 2012.

The Russian firm Yandex is now doing better than Microsoft! 2.8% for Yandex Search Engine against 2.5% for Bing.


The competitive advantage will be in Mobile Search. All the search engines are working hard on that to make search pleasant  convenient, and fast on every type of device. For instance, Baidu signed a partnership with Orange to expand its presence in Africa and Middle East.

Wall Street Journal
(1) ComScore, January 24, 2008, URL:

WeChat: New Version 4.5 Offering Live Chat, Search, & Backup Features!

The new version of WeChat offers improvements on the usage of chat.

1/ 2/ Live Chat & Invite to Group Chat via QR Code.
3/ Search through chat history.
4/ Backup of data: this is now possible and makes easier the transfer of data to a new smartphone.



Strategy of Monetization: LinkedIn and WeChat

Monetization could be defined as a process of converting something into legal value like a currency. In the Internet industry, the value is mostly in data.

LinkedIn found a great business model:
1/ A Response to a need : to get a good job and earn money, people are ready to pay for services aiming of managing a career.
2/ A Never Ending Business Basis: the target of working people is huge and the user base changing year after year.
3/ A Strong Field Salesforce Selling Best Asset: thanks to the database and access to many potential candidates, Talent Solutions are appreciated by firms to distribute open positions and find the best candidates.
4/ A Recurrent Revenue: to get access to different level of services, there is a monthly fee to pay. For the user, the amount of Premium Subscription is small. For the firm, the number of users subscribing makes the business impressive.


WeChat can have an interesting business model as well:
1/ A Response to a need : to communicate with other people including friends, people need mobile services.
2/ A Never Ending Business Basis: the target of all the owners of smartphones is huge and the user base still growing year after year.
3/ A Strong Field Salesforce Selling New Marketing Solutions: thanks to Tencent experience with QQ, QZone, and QQGames, brands can trust the service and see the ROI.
4/ A Recurrent Revenue: to get access to users, brands will pay for campaigns, official accounts, access to statistics. Tencent is likely to offer as well Premium Subscription giving access to users to additional services (the business model of Libon is based on those services).


American Infrastructure Ready to Compete with China

Today American firms don’t have to compete with China. They are already well implemented all over the world. Even in China, Google Search is used and online retail store, Amazon, is quite successful.

However, in case the American companies should compete with Chinese companies, they are more than ready.  Huge database of users, History of interests, and heavy infrastructure are strong advantages to keep doing well and monetize. We explained how knowledge of interests is a way for Facebook to monetize.


Another competitive advantage of American firms in the near future is the management of carbon emissions. Facebook and Google have energy efficient data centers. Both companies are managing Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. It is not the case of Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu.

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