Chinese Social Networks

Top 3 Social Networks


  •  Qzone (in blue above)

The most popular social network in China with over 500M registered users. Thanks to QQ and other connected serices, this network has been first for years! Includes a system of virtual currency. Owned by Tencent Holdings

Most popular microblogging platform in China. Strong Influence. Launched in 2009 as a Twitter-alike platform, it has better features than Twitter and around 300 million users. Became first sharing platform in May 2013. Owned by Sina Corporation.

Successful messaging and social media application since 2011 and since 2013, in a few other countries like Malaysia and India. This application has a great potential. Owned by Tencent Holdings.

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Other networks generating substantial traffic

-Tencent Weibo
Microblogging platform owned by Tencent Holdings; it counts 400M registered users. Today its popularity among Chinese users is declining in favor of WeChat. Owned by Tencent Holdings.

Instant messaging program launched in 1998, now with over 700M active users. Owned by Tencent Holdings.


Founded in 2005, with a series of features very similar to Facebook. Very popular before the success of Kaixin.

-Kaixin 001
Social network with several Facebook-alike features, introduced in 2008. Very popular before the success of Sina Weibo.

Other social networks

-Fetion: messaging application of China Mobile

-Jego: new messaging application from China Mobile released in May 2013. No free calls therefore not competing against WeChat but maybe against Skype or other services

Reviews-based social network. Alexa Rank= 112. Created by entrepreneur Dr. Yang
Interest-based social network featuring video sharing and including a system of virtual currency.

Tumblr-alike blogging platform, very popular among a young, fashionable target

Pinboard-style photo sharing website, very popular amongst Chinese users

Pinboard-style photo sharing website, founded in 2011 in Beijing
Chinese blogging and social networking platform

One of the biggest dating websites in China

Chinese blogging and social networking platform. Owned by Tencent Holdings

Social photo-sharing application

Very interesting application. Pinterest-alike pins, Instagram-alike photo-sharing, voice message-sharing. Not having the success the app worth

Location-Based Services

Location-based review website popular all across China

Chinese location-based dating app

Location-based social network. Launched in 2010, it has only a couple million users. Chinese people are not ready to share this kind of information today

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    • Yes, your page is well done. It is an example for us as we usually don’t explain all on the blog. Have you looked at Jego? It is very similar to Libon business model.

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