Baidu Expansion Outside China: Update of 2013

Chinese firms have the willingness to go international.

The strategy of expansion of Baidu is more complex than Tencent. Search, the main service of Baidu, is dependent on local languages while Tencent developed a unique product for the world with WeChat.


The Chinese firm goes abroad directly to get customers for the Chinese market and directly or through partnerships to gain international users.

Japan Since 2008

Baidu started to go international in 2008 launching Baidu search Japan.


Brazil Since 2012

The first Brazilian offering from Baidu, was a directory called Hao123. In 2012, the media spoke about Baidu to open a local office.



Africa & Middle East Since 2013

Baidu signed a partnership with French company Orange.



Arabic countries seem also targeted by Baidu.

As of today, no special effort has been made to reach the USA. The only action was back in November 2010 with the creation of Baidu USA LLC (Baidu U.S), a research and development facility controlled by Baidu Japan Inc.


According to the map provided by Baidu, Latin America should be the next target.

Like Tencent, Baidu is right now open to acquisitions helping to become a leader in mobile services.




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